How to Buy a Car in UAE



As a first step you should select the specification that is most interesting for you and draw up an application on our website. You can also send us an e-mail:


Signing of a contract.

After the availability of a car is confirmed, price and all delivery details are settled we draw up a contract where following conditions are stipulated: payment terms, conditions of supply, obligations of both parties as well as detailed specification of chosen model of the car, manufacture year, color, and final price. To draw up a contract we need the copy of your international passport, your address and contacts.


Payment for a car.

Hereafter you precede the payment in full amount. The payment is carried out on the terms of a contract by bank transfer. After the payment is received we register the car under your name. The registration is usually made in RTA (Road and Transport Authority). Export certificate is the main document that proves ownership of a car. If you want to install some additional car accessories, we will need another 3 days for it .


Shipment of a car.

When a car is ready we give it to shipment company and we control the loading and shipment itself. The original documents we send you by express post. The delivery period to different regions can vary, all information about transit time and prices you can read in the section “Delivery”.


Receiving a car.

We will inform you in advance all the contact details of agents in the port at destination. You need only to come to port, make customs clearance and register the car in traffic patrol department.

To conclude, all the procedure of car purchase takes only 5-7 days.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us or read our section “question-answer”, here you can find out more about the peculiarities of buying a car from UAE .