Rolls-Royce is on guard in Abu Dhabi 18 March 2015

Rolls-Royce is on guard in Abu Dhabi

The luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom joins the Police vehicle’s fleet in Abu Dhabi .

Luxury sedan has got a "metropolitan" coloring white and maroon colors. It is ready to take up the duties, but this car will not be involved in the pursuits and dangerous events . Rolls-Royce will patrol the tourist areas to maintain the status of the Law enforcement.

This is not the first luxury car in the service of Law enforcement officers in the United Arab Emirates. There is a competition between the Police departments of the two largest metropolises of Abu Dhabi and Dubai: whose fleet is the most luxurious.

Therefore, on the roads of these cities you can easily find models such as Audi R8, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari FF, and even the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-53,60F, Aston Martin One-77 in the relevant police colouring.

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