How to buy a car in UAE? – Step by step instruction

How not to end up empty handed in other country? We would like to tell you about the main steps and also will give you few pieces of advice.


 Before you come to UAE in order to buy a car you should in advance choose the model of a car, than you should discuss the price and clarify the availability with us. Nowadays with access to Internet it is a piece of cake. Our company will provide you with written quotation and in case of your agreement we can sign a contract in advance.

Advice: A contract should be in English in accordance with rules of international trade. Model of a car, specification, color and year of manufacture should be mentioned in a contract or in an appendix to it.


 Our company provides a full package of service starting from car selection ending with shipment of it to our country. Even if you have bought a car by yourself, we can offer you delivery of it to the mentioned destination.


 How long you should stay in Dubai depends on what car you want: new or used. If you decided to search for a car all by yourself in auto markets of Dubai or Sharjah it might take sometimes a day or sometimes even a week. All depends on your budget and availability of the chosen model. The registration of the car usually takes 1-3 days. To install additional accessories like leather seats takes usually 3 days.

Advice: When you buy a package tour, try to come during the working days. Remember the day off in UAE is Friday. 7-10 days visit will be enough to buy a car in UAE.


 How to bring money with me to UAE? In UAE there are no any limits of cash import and export. But for reasons of safety we advise you to use traveler’s checks or bank telex transaction. Unfortunately when you convert into cash your traveler’s checks, the dollar rate is unfavorable. The conversion into cash is in local currency AED.

Advice: If the car price is in dollars of USA but you want to pay in dirhams, you should clarify in advance with seller his dollar rate. Sometimes if the seller’s rate is not favorable you can lose a few hundreds because of the difference in exchange.


 You can also pay by bank telex transaction to the company’s account. In this case you will not lose money because of the difference in exchange. Such transaction usually takes 3 days.

Advice: Do not ever send money by Western Union or to the personal accounts. In case deception you will not prove anything and to find this seller will be very complicated.


Even if you don’t have full amount with you in Dubai for car purchase you can leave some down payment with us, and the rest of the payment you can send from your home country by bank money transfer. We will book a car for you and after the full payment is received we register car under your name and send it to your country. Remember that we will register car only after full payment is received because in case you refuse to buy the car we cannot make new registration without your presence. You can register a car under personal name or under a company name.

Advice: Think it through in advance under which name to register the car. After the car is registered and sent you cannot change anything in the documents any more.


If you search for a car by yourself on the market, all cars will probably be with reexport documents. You can easily avoid paying 5% from the full amount as a deposit to a seller and long procedure of car registration if you contact us.


Draw up a contract and register the car under the same name, then you will have all required documents for the customs clearance. You should receive the original of a contract, payment voucher, invoice and a copy of export certificate (the original is usually going with a car itself). For customs clearance you will need only invoice and export certificate, but sometimes you might be asked to provide export declaration.

Advice: In advance clarify which document you will need for customs clearance in your Customs office. In case you need export declaration, you should inform us. If you buy a car via Internet without coming here, we will send you the originals by express post.


So we finished with registration and payment, now we come to delivery. There are different ways of delivery, it depends on your region. Kazakhstan: 1) Almaty (30-40 days) cars are going by railway, loaded into wagons. This way is the safest among all, for example when cars are delivered by trailers especially in winter and also taking into account the quality of our roads, the trailer can face serious obstacles on the way. Though delivery by trailers is cheaper, we advise you not to save 200-300 dollars on it. The delivery to Aktau is by sea and takes 15-20 days from the day of car loading in port. But transit time can vary depending on weather conditions on the Caspian Sea. For other regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus delivery is by sea in containers. Containers can be for 1, 2 or 3 cars.

Advice: If you send a car by yourself, clarify with shipping company if the price given to you includes packing of a car into container and all required documents.


In conclusion we would like to give you our main piece of advice: buy cars only in companies who provide customers with full package of service: selling, installing accessories, registration and delivery. Visit the office of the company, ask a seller to show you the registration of the company. You can verify the authenticity of this license here ( Don’t be shy to ask a copy of the passport of the seller, check if he has residence visa. There are also individuals, who work illegally without opening a company, you might be lucky and this person will be honest, but in case you are deceived it will be almost impossible to find this person in UAE and return your money. When you choose a company give preference to LLC- Limited Liability Company. This type of companies is the most trustful, they have a local UAE partner and they have rather big registered capital comparing to Free Zone companies.